A Provision System for making Presentation Slides form documents

Author(s):  E.Poonguzhali, M.Vasantha, S.Brindha

Abstract:   In this paper, analyze a real fascinating task of always producing presentation slides for scholastic papers. The produced presentation slides can be utilized as drafts to offer the moderators some assistance with preparing their formal slides quickly. A novel framework called PPSGen is proposed to address this assignment. It first utilizes the relapse technique to take in the significance scores of the sentences in a scholarly paper, and after that endeavors the whole number straight programming (ILP) strategy to create all around organized slides by selecting and adjusting key expressions and sentences. Assessment results on a test set of 200 sets of papers and slides gathered on the web exhibit that our proposed PPSGen framework can produce slides with better quality. A client study is additionally shown to demonstrate that PPSGen has a couple of clear preferences over pattern techniques. And also we are enhancing the graphical elements into slides.