Architecture and Emerging Technology of 5G Network

Author(s):  A.Lalitha, Jisha Liju Daniel, S.Brindha

Abstract:   To contemplate 5G network in the market now. Current technology like OFDMS will work. Moreover, there is no need to have a change in the wireless setup which had come about from 1G to 4G. Alternatively, there could be only the addition of an application done at the fundamental network to please user requirement. This will provoke the package providers to drift for a 5G network as early as 4G is commercially set up. To meet the demands of the user and to overcome the challenges that has been put forward in the 5G system, a drastic change in the strategy of designing the 5G wireless cellular architecture is needed. A general observation of the researchers has shown that most of the researcher use the network 20 percent of the time. In present wireless cellular architecture, for a mobile user to communicate whether they can stay inside or outside, an outside base station presents in the middle of a cell helps in communication. So for inside users to communicate with the outside base station, the signals will have to travel through the walls of the indoors, and this will result in very high penetration loss, which correspondingly costs with reduced spectral efficiency, data rate, and energy efficiency of wireless communication. To overcome this challenge, a new idea or designing technique that has come in to existence for scheming the 5G cellular architecture is to distinct outside and inside setups.