An Efficient way of Compressing Motion Pictures in CCTV Videos

Author(s):  M.Ananthi, R.Latha

Abstract:   In recent years, many algorithms are proposed for reducing the computational cost and for providing good quality. In that our project, efficient way of compressing motion pictures helps in providing reduced computational cost and also with high quality. We make use of orthogonal diamond search algorithm which overcomes the previous algorithm. In this algorithm, we start with the orthogonal way of search and then ends up with diamond way of search. The existing work was impractical because of two reasons : 1) larger number of computation which was complex it compute 2) performance are analyzed interms of search points which was time consuming. Our project overcome these two drawbacks. The input sent will be the video and we encrypt it as images. Then the unwanted background are removed so that the capacity of storage can increase. We make use of orthogonal diamond search for computation to get a better result. This project results with an efficient, less time consuming and good quality video.