Categorization of Drugs Based on Polarityanalysis of Twitter Data

Author(s):  Packiamary.M, S.Brindha

Abstract:   In the recent years, social media have emerged as major platforms for sharing information in medical field, business, education etc. In the existing system, the system will generate warning for adverse drugs reactions based on the negative comments. Social media provides limitless opportunities for patients to share experiences with their drug usage. In current scenarios and with available new technologies, twitter can be used effectively for gathering information rather than gathering information in traditional method.Twitter is a most popular online social networking service that enable user to share and gain knowledge. User can post only short messages at the most of 140 character called “tweets”. 60% of doctors say social media provides high quality of care to patients. 90% of response is from 18 to 24 years of age said that they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks.With the popularity of social media, twitter is used as an important source of data for consumers to share their experience based on drugs and diseases. First the user has to register by giving username and password and then login. The drug and disease related tweets are extracted from twitter using API and web crawler based on the given input. The extracted tweets are preprocessed by removing stopwords, abbreviations and replacing emoticons.