Efficient Multi-hop Communication using Dual Mode Transfer Algorithm for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s):  D.Aruljothi, A.Shivashankari, N.Venkatesan

Abstract:   Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are made exclusive for vehicular communications in which each node makes a bidirectional connectivity with other nodes. VANET has attracted more researchers and has unlocked a track to cultivate few applications like propagation of travel warnings, alerts, traffic status, and user defined applications. VANETs have some unique features like dynamic network structure, node mobility, low processing speed and low memory. These features need a special attention, while designing a protocol to VANETs. Our work proposes a new protocol for inter vehicular multi-hop communications to achieve a minimum latency in delivering messages and balancing the overhead in a network channel. Two different messages are transmitted dynamically using a dual mode transfer (DMT) algorithm to minimize the reception delay at the receiver. Receiver node uses a classifier to reorder the messages and select the relevant messages. It eliminates the reproduction of redundant messages and reduces a network channel overhead. The proposed algorithm is designed to work in stressful road environment and it significantly reduces the latency in delivering the messages.