Performance Measurement System Smartphone Based Apps

Author(s):  C.Shalini, B.Bhvaneshwari, R.Latha

Abstract:   With rapid economic growth, the management of employees working outdoors gradually becomes more intensive. The traditional attendance systems typically focus on collecting employee attendance information and are not suited to the quantification of work performance. As a remedy to this issue, a smart work performance measurement system is proposed in this paper. The proposed system consists of three components: 1) a Smartphone-based APP to collect employee attendance, work, and location information; 2) a data warehouse to pre process and store the data; and 3) a smart data analysis centre to make a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of employee work performance. Management can obtain the key information quickly and adjust work assignments based on performance. New solutions and algorithms for indoor and outdoor location, GPS deviation improvement, and work performance measurement are put forward. This system is being used in civil management bureau, and the observed results are encouraging, demonstrating the efficiency and accuracy of our system, and helping builders to better regulate the work operation and reduce associated costs.