Preventing the Application Layer Intrudes Attacks for Cloud attack

Author(s):  Gowtham.B, R.Subhashni, R.Latha

Abstract:   Intrudes attack is a critical threat to the Internet. Derived from the low layers, application layer based Intrudes attacks HTTP requests to affect victim resources are more undetectable. The case may be extremely serious when such attacks occur during the flash crowd event of a popular Website. Focusing on such new Intrudes attacks, this scheme is introduced. An Access Matrix is to capture the spatial temporal patterns of a flash crowd. Principal component analysis and independent component analysis are used in the multidimensional Access Matrix. A detector based on hidden semi Markov model is proposed to describe the dynamics of Access Matrix and to detect the attacks over the network layer. This model is used to detect the application layer Intrudes attacks which demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method.