QR-based U-Learning Material Production System to Create Authentic Learning Experiences

Author(s):  Soundariya.P, K.Simion, R.Latha

Abstract:   Quick Response code are two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by mobile phone with embedded camera. In the automatic identification fields of QR code has been widely. These codes can be used to provide fast access to URL, SMS message, phone number, V-card, or any text and QR codes can hold much more information than a regular barcode. The information encoded is a QR code images. In education as the movement of using QR codes is still its infancy whenever the number of smartphones, Internet enable cell phones in this country is increasing rapidly, librarians are able to use QR codes to promote service and help library users find materials quickly and independently. The aim of study is investigate the potential role of QR codes for the management library university to do that this study has been divided into two parts. At the second part we have conducted with the survey to analyze the use of QR code technology is the interesting of among undergraduate students at the Library University.