Virtual Denormalization Based on Hybrid OLTP & OLAP Main Memory Database System: Hyper

Author(s):  S.Usha, P.Chidambaranathan, R.Latha

Abstract:   Hyper is an advance database which will reduce the limitation of traditional database; Hyper is a main-memory-based relational DBMS for mixed OLTP and OLAP workloads A customer having critical transaction with high rates splits their data into two disunited systems, one database for OLTP and one so-called data warehouse for OLAP, this separation has many limitations including data rawness issues due to the delay caused by only periodically initiating the Extract Transform Load-data staging and excessive resource obsess due to maintaining two separate information systems. We present an efficient hybrid system, called Hyper. During parallel execution of OLAP multiple query sessions and OLTP transactions, here the main memory will guarantees the ACID properties. Our research focus on the virtual denormalization based system in hybrid main memory database.