Secure Scheme for Shared Data with Key Pair model over Encrypted Cloud Data

R. Thangapushpam, Jisha Liju Daniel, N.Venkatesan

Abstract:  Now a day cloud storage and shared service are becoming very famous. Current general auditing and user revocation mechanism for the integrity of shared data with efficient user revocation process in mind. But the security and performance of those process not effective. So By utilizing the idea of proxy re-signatures, the cloud is allowed to re-sign blocks on behalf of existing users during user revocation, so that existing users do not need to download and re-sign blocks by themselves. However, this new methodology is able to help batch auditing by verifying multiple auditing tasks simultaneously because of proxy mechanism. This new mechanism can significantly improve the efficiency of user revocation. Shared data will be handled with security manner with help of RSA algorithm. In addition, user can feel the performance of handling the shared data in the cloud since proxy handling the data in small pieces of files for download and upload operation.