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"SANA ACADEMIC PRESS" is adapting itself to the growing opportunities of real world to upgrade the standards of academic journal publishing through the outgrowing research community comprising authors and researchers. We do project the contributions and updations of various domains of research from implementation to publishing either independently or jointly with our service providers and partners. As a part of publishing process we support the contributors as,

  • Plagiarism proof manuscript editing and formatting
  • ISSN assignment for all of published articles
  • Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) assignment for all of published articles
  • Abstracting/Indexing services for published articles
  • Utilisation of BibTex information
  • Each article inclution of metadata

SAP is also partnering publications of articles/ manuscripts for multidisciplinary journal to cover the diverse specified themes and topics of Technical and Engineering solutions, methodologies and applications. Research papers, Industrial Case Reports and Book Reviews would be considered for evaluation and publication in Journal volumes. Special issue requests are also entertained.Our partners are always eager in hearing efficient projects and sharing opportunities for collaborative endorsements. In such a case just drop your expectations/brief description of your desired services to us at;
We will get back to you with a better solution within five working days.