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National Conference Proceedings Series, Volume.1 (2016)

8th National Conference on Recent Trends and Technologies in Soft Computing,
St.Peters University, Chennai, India.

11. Analysis on Life Scalability and Security in Wireless Sensor Network(WSN)
Author(s): R.Meena, M.Vasantha, R.Latha
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12. Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet DropAttacks in Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): D.Thalapathi, P.Chidambaranathan, R.Latha
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13. Streaming And Scheduling For Video Delivery In Device-To-Device Without Quality Compromise
Author(s): Ilavarasi J, Subhashini R, S.Brindha
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14. Revealing of join acting up using Overhearing and self-governing Agents using ECC algorithm in Wireless improvised Networks
Author(s): Aruna G M, R.Latha
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15. Optimization and Enhancing Security in Wireless Sensor Network Using Game Theory
Author(s): K. Anitha Devi, A.Sivasankari, R.Latha
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16. Using CSI In Multiple Access Channels By Exploiting Packet Dropping and Transmitter Buffering
Author(s): R.Priya, S.Gowri, N.Venkatesan
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17. A Provision System for making Presentation Slides form documents
Author(s): E.Poonguzhali, M.Vasantha, S.Brindha
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18. Attaining Planeness: Choosing the Honey Words After Present Customer Passwords
Author(s): T. Murali, S.Brindha
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19. Interaction Approach to Curb Emerging Smartphone Malware
Author(s): K. Hemavathi, N. Muthulakshmi, S. Brindha
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20. Architecture and Emerging Technology of 5G Network
Author(s): A.Lalitha, Jisha Liju Daniel, S.Brindha
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