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National Conference Proceedings Series, Volume.1 (2016)

8th National Conference on Recent Trends and Technologies in Soft Computing,
St.Peters University, Chennai, India.

21. A Study on Building A Secured Environment for Value-Added Services in VANET’s using ABAKA
Author(s): P.Caroline Anitha, S.Brindha
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22. An Efficient way of Compressing Motion Pictures in CCTV Videos
Author(s): M.Ananthi, R.Latha
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23. Big Data Gathering Concept using RSM Algorithm to Avoid Data Traffic and Battery time Conservation
Author(s): Abirami.S, Shivasankari.S,Brindha.S
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24. Categorization of Drugs Based on Polarityanalysis of Twitter Data
Author(s): Packiamary.M, S.Brindha
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25. Data lock, fault tolerance and disaster recovery mechanism in Cloud computing
Author(s): L.Deepika, R.Subhashini, S.Brindha
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26. Data Pre-processing of Web usage Mining-A Vital Stage in Information Retrieval
Author(s): G.Rajakumari, N.Venkatesan
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27. Dynamic Image Re ranking and unused Image Removal based on user click
Author(s): W.Shibi Getziyal, B.Bhuvaneswari, R.Latha
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28. Effective Head Restraint Systems Based on Integrated Structure and Barrier Analysis
Author(s): E.Divya, R.Latha
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29. Typical Heterogeneous Network Deployment in Green Cellular Networks
Author(s): A.Jhansi rani, N.Venkatesan
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30. Virtual Denormalization Based on Hybrid OLTP & OLAP Main Memory Database System: Hyper
Author(s): S.Usha, P.Chidambaranathan, R.Latha
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