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National Conference Proceedings Series, Volume.1 (2016)

8th National Conference on Recent Trends and Technologies in Soft Computing,
St.Peters University, Chennai, India.

31. Efficient Multi-hop Communication using Dual Mode Transfer Algorithm for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Author(s): D.Aruljothi, A.Shivashankari, N.Venkatesan
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32. Innovative Channel Distribution Information in Heterogeneous Network
Author(s): Rekha.R, S.Gowri, N.Venkatesan
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33. Performance Measurement System Smartphone Based Apps
Author(s): C.Shalini, B.Bhvaneshwari, R.Latha
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34. Practicing MANET Security Using Bait Detection Scheme for Sleep Derivation and DOS Attack
Author(s): G.S.Nishanthi, Sivakumar, R.Latha
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35. Preventing the Application Layer Intrudes Attacks for Cloud attack
Author(s): Gowtham.B, R.Subhashni, R.Latha
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36. QR-based U-Learning Material Production System to Create Authentic Learning Experiences
Author(s): Soundariya.P, K.Simion, R.Latha
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37. Recommending Distinct Web Services by Functional and Non Functional Evaluation Using Clustering Methods
Author(s): P.Jayalakshmi, N.Muthulakshmi, R.Latha
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